Monday, September 24, 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

study, study, study

Well hi there friends! 

Week 6 here at BSU. 

First test: DONE
First paper: DONE
Makin' friends: DONE
Starbucks pumpkin spice latte: DRUNK

As you can see I have have a prettttty successful couple of weeks. To be honest with you, since there is so much school work, the weeks really fly by. 

Here's what my week consists of. 

Monday: Class, Class, Class, Class, Study, Study, Study, Class, Study, Study, Eat, Class, SIGN LANGUAGE CLUB, (Random chill time), Sleep.
Tuesday: Class, Study, Study, Study, Class, Study some more, and more, Eat, (Random chill time), Sleep.
Wednesday: Class, Class, Class, Starbucks, Study, Study, Class, Study, Church, Chill, Sleep.
Thursday: Sleep, Study, Study, Study, Study, Class, Study, Study, Study, GLEE, chill, sleep. 
Friday: Class, Class, Study, then WEEKEND. 

Yep, that is my basic week. Sounds fun, huh?

But in all honesty, it isn't that bad. I have really become accustomed to all of this studying. Mind you, I studied a lot in high school as well, so I was used to it. I found that a lot of other students are quite as used to the studying as I am. But it's worth it. 

I think of school as my job. Actually, I really cannot believe how people have jobs while they are in school. I can't even find enough time to eat during the week let alone have a job! Props to you guys. 

But yea, studying is a BIG deal. Obviously the more you know, and the better chance that you will get a good grade on whatever you are studying. 

So, on that not, I'm going to grab a latte and get to work.

As you can see I am going crazy due to all of this studying. Whoops.

Later guys. :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


And I'm back!

I have now been here for about a month. 

Crazy, right? I mean seriously, a freakin' month.

What has happened since the last time I have posted is that we had our first game, that was fun. Here are some pictures. 

I also have been studying A LOT. Learning APA, and I am about to take my first college exam this Friday. 

Oh no. 

But nonetheless, everything has gotten a lot better. I am not as homesick as I have been and I'm starting to let my true personality show through. I have finally come to realize that my family and home is only an hour and a half away, and compared to the people coming from China, that is not bad in any way. 

Also, I am lucky enough to have my boyfriend be able to come up sometimes because he works, I don't have to worry about him being at a different school because he is already in the workforce, which is perfect. 

I also have figured out potentially where I will be living next year. That has lifted some of my stress as well. 

I have signed up for a tutoring session (for anything that I need help with) every tuesday, so that's good. And I have been studying a lot and sleeping a lot, so I'm getting the hang of this time-management thing. 

All has been well and I am actually starting to enjoy my time here, well other than the constant studying and 8 o'clock classes. But hey, what can you do. ;)