Thursday, May 2, 2013

my freshman year experience.


School is over! (For a month) 

But hey, I'll take it. And within that month, I am going to try to blog my little heart out for all of my loves. 

So, guys, hopefully I can make up for the lack of posts these past nine months. 

But let me tell you about what I went through this year, maybe it will interest or benefit you if you are going to college next year? Maybe not. I don't know. Whatever. 

So here we go...

I began the year super depressed, like, the most depressed I have ever been in my life...and I don't get depressed. It was that bad. So guys, prepare to be a little sad, maybe not to the extent I was, but you will be sad regardless of anything. You will cry. You will want to go back home on the weekends. You will dread being alone. The reason I was probably so depressed was because I am so close to my family, and I had never been away from them, like, ever. It was a big deal. Not to mention my roommate was crazy. 

Lets elaborate on that. Okay, so if you guys plan on your roommate being super duper great and fun...I wish you the best of luck. Unfortunately I had a disrespectful, spoiled, manipulative, partying-every-night-till-3am roommate who used my stuff without asking. Yup. That was my life most of first semester. But thank goodness I ended up getting a new, awesome roommate afterwards. It all worked out. But what I am trying to say, is you and your roommate are going to get into fights, regardless if you hate them or not. You can have an absolutely horrible roommate like me, or you can have a super awesome roommate, but there will be disagreements since you are, in fact, living in a box. 

Now lets talk about that box. Personally, I got put into the "Ghetto" of Ball State. Lafollette. But whatever, to me a dorm is a dorm regardless of if it has pretty hallways or not. But you are living in a box. You have to swipe a card to go to the bathroom and open doors. There are going to be people puking outside your door because they are so drunk on a Wednesday at 2 in the morning. The janitor will vacuum at 8:30 in the morning. It happens. It sucks.'s worth it. You make all of your first friends here, this is where you spend the most time, so this is where you will make your best friendships. Though I am so happy to be out of the dorms, I am so happy to have experienced that life. I really grew up. 

Along with living in a dorm comes a meal plan. Personally I hated it. I enjoy making my own food, and you literally the only vegetables that you can find taste like soap. I had a 10 meal plan. That meant that I could get 10 meals a week, I know you're thinking that that isn't much. But get this, you get like 8 bucks to eat every meal. I spent 80 dollars on food every week...but still had the lowest meal plan. This is ridiculous to me. But hey, I enjoyed all of the Starbucks it got me. 

Now lets talk about classes. For the major I am in I have to really work hard to maintain a high GPA. So that means I put a lot of work into my studies. Now, this is definitely not the same of everyone, and it also isn't needed for everyone. Unfortunately, it's needed for my that's always fun. But honestly, I figured out if you put enough work into it. You will get good grades, and you will succeed. It all depends on how motivated and determined you are to get those good grades. I was the one on my dorm floor who studied the most, that was for sure, but because of that, I have grades that I am happy with so it was worth it. 

Oh, and let me explain to you the freaking annoying people that you will come into contact with. Those people who do drugs every night, have a 1.7 GPA, have their parents paying for all of their college and yet they still talk to them as if they are the lowest scum on earth. It's ridiculous. They are literally spending 20 grand, of their parents money, to get a 1.7 and party. To get a 1.7 you would have to literally not do, it's horrible. You will also run into people in your major that have no idea what the major is about, they just think it's "cool" or they just see $$$$ or they just randomly picked. Yep, I'm serious. This really made me made because my major, which is speech-pathology, it is super duper competitive  And there are girls who do not even know what a speech pathologist does fighting for spots in classes that you are. I have heard girls in my speech path classes talk about how impatient they are, and how they hate little kids...I just look at them and you realize what you are studying to be? Someone who has to have ton of patients, someone who is bound to work with little kids. Get this, there was a girl who was making fun of someone with a speech impediment right behind me. IN MY SPEECH PATH CLASS. Seriously, there were so many times I wanted to punch someone. Whatever. They will eventually get weeded out of the major.

Okay, now that that rant is done, let me talk about the perks of living on campus. 1: Starbucks everywhere. 2: Rec. Awesome rec, whenever I was bored I just had to walk a short while to work out. 3: The campus is beautiful.  4: Free things, all the time. Pizza, water bottles, bags, T-shirts, everything. 5: The overall feeling. It's hard to explain, but when you are walking to a morning class on a beautiful summer day and you look at the campus and smell the's just the best feeling ever. And there are many more perks, but I can't think of them right now. So...yea...we're done with that now I guess.

Overall my first year was wonderful. Despite having a horrible roommate and being depressed in the beginning but it got better. I have grown up so much more than I ever thought I would. And I have surprised myself with what I can actually do. It's awesome. But for sure the biggest thing that I have learned this year was that it always works out. Regardless of what is going on, it always works out. I don't know what exactly "it" is. But every time you doubt something, or are sad something doesn't work out the way you want it to, there is a reason why it doesn't. Because something better for you is planned. I learned that God always knows what's best, and the things you think are the best...aren't always. 

Enjoy your freshman year, my friends, it seriously flies by like no other. 

Monday, September 24, 2012