Sunday, August 5, 2012


I'm moving in in a week today.


Lol, how exciting is that? But also with the excitement comes anxiety. I still have yet to read my book and write my essay for Freshman Connections (which I personally believe is a hoax and we really do not have to read this book), I have packed NOTHING, and my room is a mess due to the busy summer I have endured. You can say I'm not really prepared for leaving yet. 

You might be thinking, man, it seems pretty early for someone to move in. Well, I am doing this seminar thing where I get to move in 10 days before actual classes start. I figured it would be an easy way to learn the campus and a way to get a credit as well. 

But it's coming so fast. 

I'm anxious, excited, nervous, happy, stressed, and sad.

So many emotions. Lol

But one of the most important emotions that I am feeling is ready. (if that is in fact an emotion.)

I am ready to become independent

I'm ready to have my OWN schedule.

I am ready to make brand new friends.

I am ready to find out who I truly am.

I am ready to start the transition into "big girl life".

I'm ready to start living the life I have dreamed.

I'm ready for an adventure.

It'll be interesting to say the least, I can't wait.

- Rach


  1. I'm sure you'll do great, Rach!! :)


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog I have followed you now ^^

    Best wishes


  3. good luck sweetheart!



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