Monday, July 23, 2012

college is expensive.

You probably read the title of this and responded with a "well, duh." but it's so true. If you are planning to go away to college then you are planning to blow some major cash. 

I was originally going to commute to a closer school my first year to save some money because that is what my parents wanted me to do. They thought it would be in my best interest and it would save a lot of money.  But my heart was set on going away to school. So I begged, I pleaded, there were in fact tears, I contemplated making a power point of the reasons I should go, but in the end I managed to convince them and I am now attending the college I wanted to.

But because of that I am spending about $17,000 more. That's a a lot of money. But I think it'll be worth it. 

I thought from the beginning that I was going to pay for the majority of my college, which I still am. I see my friends that are getting their colleges paid for by their parents and they are truly lucky. I would love for my parents to pay for my college, but I feel like I will benefit more in the long run than those who are getting their colleges paid for. You can disagree if you'd like, but I feel like I will have more initiative to try harder. 

Now im not saying I'm paying for all of my college all by myself. My parents said that I will get $6000 from them every undergrad year and my grandparents will give me $2500 each semester my freshman year, if I maintain good grades, and I will get $2000 from my other grandmother, I won about $2000 in scholarships and made about $2300 from my grad party. I am also working this summer at a job I absolutely HATE and will make about $1500. So I am definitely getting help. 

But all of that is going to a hefty bill of around $68000. That's not including graduate school either. So every penny I make working goes directly into paying off college. That means for the next 6 years I will be B-R-O-K-E. 

I want to get out of college being able to payoff my debt so I will not see a penny of that money. Which sucks, sure, but in the long run I'll appreciate it. 

We'll see how all of that goes. Better believe I will be hitting up every free thing possible.


  1. i agree with you. now college is really expensive but actually i'm never thinking like you're. you were really cool!! nice to eead your post hope you van cont your study. and btw mind to following each other?

  2. Agree !!! College is very expensive nowadays :(

  3. This is why I am so glad I am not going to college yet! Sure I yearn for the freedom and independence, but the whole financial situation makes me cringe. :/ Prayin it'll all work out for you, Rach!


  4. Deciding what to do about college is such a tough decision. You get into the schools you wanted to get into, pick one to go to, and then you have to figure out how to pay for it. I just graduated from high school in May as well, all set to leave sunny California to head to Virginia for college, but I came to the realization of what my monthly loan payments (like $800!) would be to pay back the money in their time constraints, and it just ended up not being worth it. I'm sure that if I had gone, I would have seen it as being worth it, but I made the hard decision to stay home and work and save money. I have been incredibly blessed with more work opportunities that pay me a lot more than my current job and I will be able to create a great savings. So happy about that!

    I started community college last week and I know there are tons of things I am missing out on, like campus life, having a roommate, and being completely immersed in school. But I think that I made the right choice for myself, and it sounds like you made the right choice for you. Please have extra fun for me!

    xoxo Jess

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